All you need to prepare this effective fat – burning drink is:

  1. Apple juice (1 tbsp)
  2. Juice and zest from one lemon
  3. Chili Pepper (1 tbsp)

It is very easy to prepare. First remove the lemon peel, and put the lemon into a boiling water. Let it boil for about 1o minutes, and add the remaining ingredients. After cooled, it is ready to drink.  It is recommended that you drink this after each meal.

The already mentioned ingredients are making this drink effective. Ground chili pepper is known to improve metabolism and digestion, therefore boosting the fat – burning process.

Lemon is slowing down the removal of fat. This is important because it ensures that most of the fat is eliminated each time you consume this drink.

Apple juice dilutes fat. So when mixed, all this ingredients, you get an amazing way to lose extra weight, and the best part is that is totally natural and healthy.


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