Cracked heels could be result of insufficient skin wetness, dry air, unhealthy nutrition, improper feet caring, aging, long-term standing on solid ground, but it can also appear as a result of skin diseases, such as: eczema, psoriasis, diabetes or thyroid gland disease.

We bring you a recipe which will help you resolve this problem.

Fortunately there is a cure from just 2 ingredients that will solve that problem, and even blisters problem and varicose veins on the feet.

Here’s how to do it: Crush 10 aspirin tablets and pour the powder with one cup of rubbing alcohol (70%). Allow the mixture to stand for a couple of days.

Every night stir the mixture and soak a cotton swab in it.

Place the cotton on the cracked heels, wrap with plastic wrap and put on socks. Leave onovernight.

In the morning rinse your feet and wipe with dry towel. Apply a slick cream of your choice.

With this treatment the cracked skin, blisters and varicose veins will be withdrawn in 10 days.

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When we talk about feet, the most common problem is cracked heels. They are characterized with visible cracks, dry skin, and thickening of the skin along the heels could appear, which is mostly colored yellow or brown.   Cracked heels could be result of insufficient skin wetness, dry air, unhealthy nutrition,...